chef_bg radio_button_checked FOOD SAFETY It is produced suitable for food contact. Unbreakable restaurant_menu Food Safety Resistant to breakage and wear. Stackable Plates beenhere Quality & Usage It has the quality suitable for use in every place. radio_button_checked UNBREAKABLE madeinturkey grain Washable It can be washed in the dishwasher. radio_button_checked radio_button_checked WASHABLE QUALITY & USAGE radio_button_checked STACKABLE PLATES LONG LASTING Stackable for the most of our products. yerliuretim1a radio_button_checked Long Lasting It has durability that you can use for years.
Açık Büfe Ekipmanları


You can reach GMB product groups with high product quality and alternative color options that you can always use with pleasure.

With the minimized fragility, you will have a long lasting usage period. With different designs and models, you can create your dining table groups and buffet presentations.

We have a product group that you can always use with product quality, alternative color options and price guarantee. We create the ideal option for you in our different designs and creative thinking of our team.

Square Servis Tabakları


Enrich your decoration with our square plates. Get more space than round plates.


Fastfood Equipments

Fastfood equipment for your crowded places such as restaurants, cafes and bars will play an important role in your presentations to your customers with your choice of colors.

Buffet Equipments

You can make your desired presentation to your customers with our small, medium, large and largest products for accommodation areas or businesses that serve open buffet service.

self service

Self-service, multi-purpose use in your business with your convenience, allows you to display your various presentations at the same time. You can review our many self-service models.


GMB Unbreakable plates are scratch resistant. It is designed with high strength material compared to melamine plates.

caesar salad pasta bowl

You can use it as a multi-purpose, pasta, salad, soup you can serve unbreakable 25 and 30 cm diameter bowls, see how to see more closely. We recommend that you take a look at our product to give your customers a satisfying feast.