Terms and Conditions of Use

Usage Area

Soup, appetizer, intermediate hot, salad, meal, dessert and cake services, open buffet presentations, aisle presentations, etc. It is suitable for applied presentation and service in kitchen and industrial areas.

Products can also be used for cold-hot service/presentations.

The products are for service, not for cooking and/or heating purposes.

It is absolutely not suitable for direct contact with fire.

Using in the microwave, keeping it in chemical solutions, stove, oven, bain-marie, etc. Waiting on hot surfaces shortens the life of the product and is inconvenient for its healthy use.

Cooker, grill, oven, microwave, oven, double boiler, etc. It cannot be used in cooking or heating equipment.

It is resistant to storage conditions down to -10°C.


Plates should not be kept with food residues before washing.

For the desired cleaning, scrape the food residues from the surface of the plate or run it in water before washing.

Wash the products in the dishwasher between 60°C-70°C.

Using bleach in washing or keeping it in bleach is definitely not suitable for long-term use.

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