Unbreakable Plate

Unbreakable Plate (Thermoset Plate) Specifications

The thermoset plate, which you can safely use in your kitchen, offers many advantages as well as its unbreakable feature. Thermoset plate, which provides a wide color option and reasonable price guarantee, has a long-lasting use with its unbreakable feature. The features of our product, which you can use for many years with pleasure;

  • Break and scratch resistant: Thermoset plates are more durable than porcelain, glass, ceramic and melamine types. It does not carry the risk of easily scratching or breaking. It is the longest-lasting product option you can use in your kitchen. In addition, the unbreakable plate offers you a wide range of products with various color and model options.
  • Dishwasher safe: The thermoset plate has been tested for compatibility with the dishwasher temperature of +85°C and cold drying air according to international standards. The most important feature is that it is resistant to extremely strong chemicals such as alkaline and PH1 10 contained in detergents that it will be exposed to during washing, but it does not suffer any damage.
  • Does not turn yellow: It does not turn yellow in any way over time. The unbreakable plate retains its original color and shape even after many years.

“GMB”, which has gained leadership as a pioneer in the industrial kitchen sector, produces thermoset plates for you with quality and confidence.