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Sultan ve Hunkar Tray

The first in the World ‘’Sultan ve Hunkar Tray’’

As GMB NAZEN, we have created a first in the world for you. Sultan and Hunkar Tray are produced by harmonizing glass-mirror and melamine combination with each other. With its elegant, decorative and aesthetic appearance, Sultan and Hunkar tray is a choice that will make a difference in your home, workplace or luxury hotels with its modern living options. Some features of the product are as follows;

• Sultan and Hunkar tray has a patent model.

• Our new product with a stylish and decorative structure cannot be imitated by any other company, and no institution other than our company can create the combination in this product.

• Sultan and Hunkar tray has 7 different color options and 7 glass-mirror types.

• Designs are created according to your requests.

• Our company allows you to choose the right environment for your choice with 49 different options.

Sultan and Hunkar Tray production, which will create a fascinating effect in every environment where it will be used with its aesthetic appearance, is realized under the leadership and leadership of GMB NAZEN as a result of our R & D activities. Our company provides its customers the advantage of using this product for the first time. You can turn your service offerings into modern style with Sultan and Hunkar tray selections with stylish and excellent designs.

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